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We offer a variety of options to meet with a Bellco Member Service Advisor. Save a trip to the branch by using a video or phone appointment to help with your banking needs, wherever you are. The technology is easy to use, confidential, and secure. Our specialists are here to help you at your convenience.

Video Appointment

Meet with a Bellco Member Service Advisor—without leaving your home. Schedule a secure and confidential face-to-face consultation.

Video appointments can be attended by computer or tablet, and only require a camera or webcam and internet connection.
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Phone Appointment

Talk at a time that’s convenient for you. Schedule a confidential phone appointment using the link below. At the time of your appointment, a Bellco Member Service Advisor will contact you at the number you provided.
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In-Branch Appointment

Save time waiting in branch lines by scheduling an appointment with a Bellco Member Service Advisor ahead of time.

If you are not feeling well, we encourage you to take advantage of our online and mobile banking solutions, or schedule a phone or video appointment.
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Need Additional Help?

If you don’t see the appointment you’re looking for, please contact our Member Services Department, at 1-800-BELLCO-1 (235-5261).


Appointments are designed for your convenience. By scheduling a video or phone appointment, a Bellco Financial Specialist will be ready for you at your selected date and time to discuss your financial needs. You can save a trip to the branch and not have to worry about waiting in line.

Yes. To reschedule your appointment for a different date, time, or type, please cancel your existing appointment and schedule a new one.

You will receive an email confirmation for your appointment. In addition, when scheduling your appointment, you may opt-in to receive text message notifications. Text message reminders will be sent to you 24 hours in advance, and one hour in advance of your appointment.

We block 30-minute video appointments and dedicate this time to serving you. If you need additional time, please ask your financial specialist and they will be happy to accommodate.

We will e-mail you a confirmation of your appointment. We may also send you a short survey following your appointment to make sure we have met your needs and that you had a great experience.

To make an appointment, we will ask for your name, e-mail address, and the best phone number to contact you.