Online Statements

Did you know that switching from paper to online statements can reduce the chance of identity fraud due to mail theft and help Bellco save over $1.6 million annually? Those savings can then be passed on to you through better rates and more convenient services. Read about the benefits of online statements.

How to Manage Statement Preferences

Updating your statement preferences is easy and takes seconds to complete. If you need to update your contact information first, you can do that here.

Update your preferences from online banking

  1. Select Statements & Tax Forms from the menu
  2. Select the Manage Statements tab
  3. Click on Switch to Online Statements
  4. Select the Online option for the account you wish to make paperless, and click Continue.

Update your preferences from mobile banking

  1. Open your Bellco mobile app, select Statements & Tax Forms from the menu
  2. Tap on Settings in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Select Statements & Tax Forms
  4. Select the Online option and Continue

Benefits of Online Statements

You already have 10,000 things to keep up with, so eliminating a bulky envelope up to a dozen times each year will lighten the load when you sort through piles of new mail. Going paperless also means you’ll never toss it in the junk pile by mistake.

Because online statements don’t require time to print and prepare for mailing, or spend time travelling in the back of a mail truck, you should be able to see your statements several days earlier than those sent via the postal service.

Forget constantly wondering if you need to check your mailbox or P.O. box. Once your statement is available online, we’ll send you a message to let you know you can view, print, or download it.

Manage your statements the way you want. You can either view them online whenever it’s convenient for you, save them to your computer for permanent electronic archive, or print them and file them in hard-copy form if you prefer organizing that way.

By viewing your statements online, you eliminate the chance that someone will steal your personal financial information out of the mail on its journey to you. A significant percentage of fraudulent activity still takes place from mail theft.

You can quickly find what you want to examine in your accounts. Just select the monthly statement you want to review (as far back as seven years) and presto—your account activity for that time period is right in front of you.

Conserving natural resources has never been more important than it is today. By choosing to go paperless, you are saving trees, reducing chemical usage, and lowering your carbon footprint associated with paper manufacturing, printing, and statement transportation.