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Switching to Bellco is simple and rewarding. Join the thousands of other members who receive free benefits such as online and mobile banking. There’s a one-time $5 membership fee and a $5 minimum deposit when opening an account with Bellco.

Once your new Bellco checking account is open, just follow these simple steps to start enjoying all your new Bellco member benefits.

Four easy steps to switch

1. Change direct deposits

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Send your completed Direct Deposit Authorization form(s) to your employer and /or government agency (Social Security, etc.). Any merchant that makes an automatic withdrawal/deposit from your current account, will need your new Bellco checking account information.

2. Change automatic withdrawals

Automatic Withdrawal Authorization Form

Compile a list of all automatic payments that you plan to have deducted from your new Bellco checking account. Remember to include deductions that don’t occur on a monthly basis like HOA dues or charitable donations.

3. Stop using your old checking account

Make sure to maintain a sufficient balance in your old account until all outstanding check and debit card transactions clear. Don’t forget to plan for any automatic payments/deposits that may come through before your changes are put into effect.

4. Close your old account

Request to Close Account Form

Send the completed Request to Close Account Form to your former financial institution once all outstanding items have cleared. If you have a remaining balance after all your checks have cleared, your former financial institution will send you a check.* It’s that simple.