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Bellco Video Appointment

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Please do not sign in more than 5 MINUTES before your scheduled appointment. Once you check in, your Bellco financial specialist will be notified that you are here and they will be with you shortly.

You may be asked again to verify your identity.

If you have not already scheduled an appointment, please first use our scheduling tool to start the process.

Please note, if you choose the video option, you’ll see a pop-up window that looks like this:

Sample pop-up to allow use of microphone and camera

If you select Allow, you’ll be entering a secure portal, which limits our visibility to only your screens within You’ll also be able to mute yourself or turn on your camera any time after.

If you click Deny, you’ll be directed to a secure and confidential live text chat without the ability to turn on your camera.

If you are on a tablet or mobile device you may be required to provide a co-browsing code.

Thank you for checking in

A Bellco financial specialist will be with you shortly.

If your financial specialist does not engage within 5 minutes after your scheduled time, please email for further assistance.

Are you looking for online banking assistance?

If you need assistance with Online Banking, please log in prior to your appointment. This will allow your Bellco financial specialist to view your Online Banking screen.