Certificates of Deposit

Amazing Rates and Flexible Terms. Check out our promotional CD offers.

Bellco Certificates allow you to save in a variety of ways while earning great rates.

A CD is the right choice when you want guaranteed earnings and won't need your savings right away. You'll earn top dividend rates while saving for college, a house, a car, or retirement — whatever your goals and needs.

  • Earn more: Get Bellco's highest dividend rates
  • Easy choice: Choose a short-term or long-term CD
  • Easy to open: Start with as little as $500
  • Peace of mind: Your principal and interest are insured
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Smart Move Certificates of Deposit

Our Smart Move CD gives you the benefits of a traditional CD with greater control and flexibility. With a minimum deposit of $2,500, the Smart Move CD gives you options.

  • Bump-Up Option: lets you make a one-time "bump-up" to the current interest rate anytime during the term of your CD.
  • Ability to Add Funds: allows you to make a one-time additional deposit of $100 or more to your existing account.
  • Penalty-Free Withdrawal: gives you the flexibility to make one withdrawal during the account term with no penalty — as long as a minimum balance of $1,000 is left in the account.
  • Flexible Term: will allow you to choose one of four terms (18, 24, 30, or 36 months) that works for you.
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The dividend rate and annual percentage yield (APY) are subject to change, without notice, at any time prior to the issuance of the certificate. After the point of issuance, dividend rates and annual percentage yield (APY) are fixed.

All funds on deposit with Bellco Credit Union are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) click here to find out more.