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Apply for a Visa Credit Card

Apply online now. You’ll have an answer in minutes.

Lost or Stolen Credit Cards

Report a lost or stolen card quickly and easily.

Make Payments and Check Balances

Just log on to Online Banking. You can also view and search past transactions, assign categories to track expenses, and download account activity into your PC’s money management software.

Transfer a Credit Card Balance

You can save on interest charges when you transfer your other card balances to your low-rate Bellco Visa Credit Card. Log on to Online Banking and click on the Credit Cards tab.

Cash Advance Request

To request a cash advance on your Bellco credit card, you must complete the following steps through Online Banking.

  • Log into your Online Banking account Select Credit Cards in the left navigation, then choose Cash Advance
  • Follow the prompts to review the cash advance notice
  • Submit your Bellco credit card information
  • Once you have submitted your credit card information and reviewed it for accuracy, simply select submit and your request is complete.