September 2023 News

Now You Can Earn Even MORE With Boost

Whether you’ve heard about or currently have a free Boost Interest Checking account, we have great news. We just increased the interest rate on Boost, and if you’re already a Boost account holder, there’s nothing additional you need to do to start earning the higher rate. Boost has three simple requirements to earn 4.50% APY on balances of up to $25,000. As you’ll see, the ability to earn the highest interest rate is easier than you might think.

Make 15 debit card purchases per month

After researching Bellco debit card usage, we found that on average, Bellco members use their debit card 25 times per month. So, using your Boost debit card 15 times in one month should be a breeze. In fact, you don’t have to physically use your debit card as long as your purchase is connected to your debit card. For instance, if your Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal accounts are tied to your Bellco debit card to make purchases, those count. Online web services such as Amazon also accept payments linked to debit cards, so those would also count towards your monthly 15 purchase requirements. (ATM transactions do not count).

Log in to Online or Mobile Banking at least once per month

More and more people use Online Banking to manage their checking account. For some, it’s a daily glance. For others, it’s a full monthly reconciliation. Knowing the status of your checking account balance is important. Mobile and online banking can help you keep track quickly and easily. And you only need to log in once a month to meet this requirement to earn the 4.50% APY.

Have at least one direct-deposit transaction per month

Most payroll is in the form of direct deposit. If you use your Boost Checking account for at least one direct deposit per month, you’ve met this requirement. Your employer won’t mind you making the change and your wallet will be thankful for it. Once you open the checking account, you will have all the information you need to set up the direct deposit.

Plus, no minimum balance required means you could have anywhere from $1 to $25,000 in your Boost account to earn 4.50% APY. We’ll even pay a smaller interest rate on balances over $25,000 (if you meet the requirements) or on the full balance (if you don’t meet the requirements) in any particular month. Most other interest checking accounts have more restrictive balance thresholds to earn the highest interest rates.

For more details or to open an account today, you can visit our Boost Interest Checking page.

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of September 1, 2023. The interest rate and APY may change after the account is opened. Fees may reduce earnings on the account.  4.50% APY applies to balances up to and including $25,000. For balances greater than $25,000, the APY may range from 0.25% to 4.50%. To get the higher rates, you must meet certain requirements each month.  If you don’t meet the requirements, an APY of 0.05% applies to all balances.  Please speak to a Bellco representative for information about the requirements necessary to earn the stated higher APY. Membership eligibility required.
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September in Colorado Offers Many Activities

With school back in session, it feels like summer is essentially over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. September in Colorado usually offers some of the best weather of the year; take advantage of it and enjoy some unique events, like these:

  • Sunnyside Music Festival, September 9. This free event celebrates local musicians and includes vendors, food trucks, and kids’ activities.
  • International Heritage Festival – Oktoberfest, September 9. Sponsored by the Colorado Folk Arts Council, this 45th annual event celebrates culture and music, with crafts, dancing, and food. Entry is free; some elements require payment.
  • San Luis Valley Potato Festival, September 9. Your chance to celebrate all things potato! The event includes guided tours, a mashed potato dunk tank, and craft and food vendors. Head to Monte Vista for a family day full of fun.
  • Miners Day, September 16. A celebration of Frederick’s mining heritage, this event features a parade, a burro race, contests, and live entertainment. The day wraps up with a concert and fireworks display. The event itself is free; food trucks will be selling food and drink, and some of the activities require preregistration and a fee.
  • Farm Fest, September 16. Free family fun abounds at this Denver event, which includes kids’ crafts and games, facepainting, live music, and food trucks. Plus, you’ll be able to tour the chicken coop, rabbit hutch, and goat and sheep pen with farm educators.
  • Handmade in Colorado Expo, September 16–17 (Denver location). A showcase of fine arts and crafts, this juried expo includes pieces created from a variety of media, such as glass, metal, paper, and fibers. Entry is free and includes free live music; the artwork is for sale.
  • Boulder Fall Fest, September 22–24. Bursting with family entertainment and activities, this annual festival features live music and food and drink vendors. Come for a visit or stay for the day—you’re bound to have a great time.
  • Denver Walls, September 22–October 3. If you like street art, this is a can’t-miss. Featuring 15 to 18 local and international street artists painting across 12 to 15 walls, the event brings beautiful murals to public spaces.

Whether you like live music or lean toward the agricultural, Colorado has fun in store for you. Get out and enjoy it with the whole fam!

FTC: How to Recognize and Avoid Scams

By the Federal Trade Commission

Four signs that it’s a scam:

Scammers Pretend to be from an organization you know. Scammers often pretend to be contacting you on behalf of the government. They might use a real name, like the Social Security Administration, the IRS, or Medicare, or make up a name that sounds official. Some pretend to be from a business you know, like a utility company, a tech company, or even a charity asking for donations. They use technology to change the phone number that appears on your caller ID. So, the name and number you see might not be real.

Scammers claim there’s a problem—or a prize. They might say you’re in trouble with the government. Or you owe money. Or someone in your family had an emergency. Or that there’s a virus on your computer. Some scammers say there’s a problem with one of your accounts and that you need to verify some information. Others will lie and say you won money in a lottery or sweepstakes but must pay a fee to get it.

Scammers pressure you to act immediately. Scammers want you to act before you have time to think. If you’re on the phone, they might tell you not to hang up so you can’t check out their story. They might threaten to arrest you, sue you, take away your driver’s or business license, or deport you. They might say your computer is about to be corrupted.

Scammers tell you to pay in a specific way. They often insist that you pay using cryptocurrency, by wiring money through a company like MoneyGram or Western Union, or by putting money on a gift card and then giving them the number on the back. Some will send you a check (that will later turn out to be fake), then tell you to deposit it and send them money.

How to avoid a scam:

Block unwanted calls and text messages. Take steps to block unwanted calls and to filter unwanted text messages.

Don’t give your personal or financial information in response to a request that you didn’t expect. Honest organizations won’t call, email, or text to ask for your personal information, like your Social Security, bank account, or credit card numbers. If you get an email or text message from a company you do business with and you think it’s real, it’s still best not to click on any links. Instead, contact them using a website you know is trustworthy. Or look up their phone number. Don’t call a number they gave you or the number from your caller ID.

Resist the pressure to act immediately. Honest businesses will give you time to make a decision. Anyone who pressures you to pay or give them your personal information is a scammer.

Know how scammers tell you to pay. Never pay someone who insists you pay with cryptocurrency, a wire transfer service like Western Union or MoneyGram, or a gift card. And never deposit a check and send money back to someone.

Stop and talk to someone you trust. Before you do anything else, tell someone—a friend, a family member, a neighbor—what happened. Talking about it could help you realize it’s a scam.

To report a scam to the FTC, please visit If you believe you are a victim of fraud in relation to your Bellco accounts, please contact Bellco’s Fraud Department at 303-689-7548. 

5 Easy Steps to Enrolling in Medicare

By MedicareCU

If you are turning 65 soon, it’s time to enroll in Medicare. MedicareCU has insurance agents that can help you enroll with five easy steps.

Step 1: Call Your Credit Union Medicare Agent

The only step you’ll need to make on your own is calling MedicareCU, who will help you better understand the options you have based on your specific needs. They will also coach you through signing up for Medicare so you are covered correctly. Medicare can be very confusing and now you have a trusted source for information and help.

Step 2: Knowing When You Can Enroll

Your Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) is your first chance to sign up for Medicare. It begins three months before you turn 65, includes your 65th birthday month, and lasts three more months after your birthday month. So, you have a total of seven months to enroll in Medicare. We recommend enrolling during the first three months of your IEP as coverage may be delayed if you enroll during your birthday month or later.

Step 3: Learn about Original Medicare

Original Medicare, provided by the federal government, is made up of Parts A and B:

Medicare Part A helps cover inpatient care in a hospital or a skilled nursing facility. Most people get Part A without having to pay a monthly premium. People who do pay a premium may pay up to $506 per month in 2023.

Medicare Part B helps cover outpatient care like doctor visits and preventive screenings. Your Part B premium is based on when you enrolled in Medicare and on your income. The amount ranges from $164.90 up to $560.00 per month in 2023. Other out-of-pocket costs with Original Medicare may include deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance.

Step 4: Learn about Private Medicare Plans & Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare contracts with private insurance companies to offer more coverage choices to beneficiaries.

Medicare Advantage (Part C) is an alternative to Original Medicare. Plans must provide the same coverage as Parts A and B. Many plans also offer additional benefits, like coverage for prescription drugs and dental, hearing, and vision care, all in one plan.

Medicare Part D helps pay for prescription drugs. This coverage is not included with Original Medicare. You can add drug coverage through a standalone Part D prescription drug plan or you may enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan with drug coverage included.

You may have many private Medicare plans to choose from, depending on where you live. Coverage, premiums, and out-of-pocket costs may differ from plan to plan. It’s important to shop around if you want coverage beyond what Original Medicare provides.

Medicare supplement insurance plans (Medigap) help cover some out-of-pocket costs that Original Medicare (Parts A and B) doesn’t pay. Plan availability may vary from state to state. You must be enrolled in both Part A and Part B before you can join a private Medicare plan or a Medicare supplement insurance plan.

Step 5: Decide and Enroll

You’ll be automatically enrolled in Original Medicare (Parts A and B) if you are getting Social Security benefits when you turn 65. You’ll receive your Medicare card in the mail several months before your birthday. Otherwise, you may enroll yourself at your local Social Security office or at Certain late enrollment penalties may apply if you miss or delay enrolling during your IEP.

You might consider enrolling in just Part B if you are working past age 65 and have employer coverage. Your employer plan must meet certain requirements to be “creditable.” Talk with your benefits manager about how your employer plan might work with Medicare.

You also have other choices if you enroll in both Part A and Part B. You can:

  • Add a Part D prescription drug plan to Original Medicare
  • Add a Medicare supplement insurance plan to Original Medicare
  • Join a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C)

Enrolling in Medicare is a big change in your life and you may feel overwhelmed with information and choices. Remember, MedicareCU can help you navigate your plan options and get you the right plan! You can contact MedicareCU for more information and to schedule a no-cost consultation at or by calling or texting 720-605-3134. You can also schedule an appointment or shop plans on your own by selecting one of the buttons below.

By contacting MedicareCU, you will be scheduled to speak with a licensed insurance agent for Medicare assistance. This service is not affiliated with any government agency. You will not be charged for this information, no cost no obligation, Information provided by MedicareCU. By sending an email or calling MedicareCU, you may be contacted by a licensed insurance agent to discuss Medicare products.