Bellco Secure Email

In our fast-paced world, effective communication is a must; that’s why email has become so important. However, traditional email may not always be the most secure way to send or receive sensitive information. With this in mind Bellco has created Bellco Secure Email, a service that allows you to safely review loan documents, e-receipts, and other private account details at your convenience.

How it Works

When you first receive a Bellco Secure Email, you will need to create a username and password. Once you have established a username and password, you can then log in to our safe environment to review and reply to messages you have received from Bellco.

Secure Loan Emails

You will be notified ahead of time by the Bellco Loan representative you are working with to expect a Secure Email. That person will confirm your email address and explain how to log in and obtain your secure information.

If your email involves a number of replies, such as a first mortgage loan application, you’ll receive a notice each time a Secure Email is waiting for you.

Secure Transaction eReceipts

Bellco members will now be able to request electronic receipts via Secure Email for transactions performed at a Bellco Branch. This new service will be available in all branches in December 2013.

How to Send Bellco a Secure Question

If you would like to send us a secure question or message, just log into Online Banking and click on Ask Bellco. A Bellco representative will send you a reply within 8 business hours.