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Small Business Banking

Welcome to Bellco!

Welcome, Small Business Owner!

At Bellco Credit Union, our goal is to provide friendly service, great rates, fewer fees, and a focus on you!

We strive to make a positive impact in our communities through helping members achieve greater financial empowerment and a better quality of life. As such, we are committed to always act with impartiality, fairness, and equity.

Small Business Banking


Thanks to Bellco’s credit union advantage, many small Colorado businesses benefit from the same conveniences as individual Bellco members—they typically pay fewer fees, have access to great rates, and know their deposits/money will go right back to work in the Colorado communities we serve—not other states.

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Bellco offers the following to business owners:

Business Checking

Most suited for businesses with lower transaction volumes.
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Business Line of Credit

A flexible way to handle your periodic borrowing needs.
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Business Credit Cards

Consolidate purchasing transactions and expenses into one easy system.
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Business Checking Plus

Ideal for businesses with a larger volume of transactions and balances.
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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Utilize owner-occupied & investment commercial real estate to achieve your financial goals.
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Business Money Market

Easy access to your funds and a higher return on your balances.
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Business CDs

Great rates, choice of terms, and a guaranteed yield.
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Business Savings

Helps you earn interest on balances as you set aside funds for specific purposes.
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Business Premier Money Market

If you typically maintain higher account balances and expect higher returns.
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Merchant Services

Bellco has teamed up with Clover® to provide your business with the electronic payment solutions you need.
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