Trust Accounts

A great way to ensure financial security for the future.

Bellco is available to open deposit accounts for trusts.

Three steps to setting up a Trust account (Bellco membership is required, and the Grantor(s) and Trustee(s) must qualify for membership for this to occur):

Establish a formal Trust. If you haven't already done so, speak with an attorney to go over your options. They'll guide you through the different types of Trusts and help you find the one that best suits your needs. Please note: Bellco cannot serve as a Trustee.

Gather necessary documents. Bellco recommends that the full Trust Agreement is brought when opening a Trust account. At a minimum, Bellco must obtain the Trustee Powers, Title page, Signature page, and the Certification of Trust. In addition, all Trustees are required to sign a signature card to open the Trust account. When ready, you can apply in person at any Bellco branch.

Apply for an account. After you select either our Platinum Checking, Free Checking, Premier Money Market, or CD, make sure to indicate the account is being used for a Trust. Then you'll need to provide the full Trust agreement, Grantor and Trustee information, and an Affidavit (or Certification) of Trust.

Trust Account Preferred Partners

Bellco has teamed up with The Hughes Law Firm and Members Trust Company to help Bellco members manage their trust and estate plans. They can help you navigate through the various stages of planning, including wealth accumulation, protection, and legacy.

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The Hughes Law Firm

  • Help with legal matters, including wills & living trusts, probate, family law, elder law, and more
  • 4 free half-hour consultations annually
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Members Trust Company

  • Provides assistance managing trust and estate planning needs
  • Serves as Trustee, Executor, Agent-for-Trustee, Guardian of the Property, and Conservator

Have questions or want more information about Trust accounts?

See our Ask Bellco page for more info about Trust accounts or visit a Bellco branch.