Quick, convenient personal loans at a low fixed rate.

Whether you need to make a small purchase, pay for a wedding, have dental work done, or consolidate credit card debt, a Bellco Signature Loan could be for you. It's easy to apply and has no upfront fee to start. You can also refinance your current personal loans and take advantage of our excellent low rates!


4.99% APR

Bellco Signature Loan Features

  • Low fixed rate: Offers one of the lowest rates for an unsecured loan, which limits the interest you pay and helps you pay if off quicker. You can even consolidate multiple sources of high interest debt to help you get back on top!
  • No closing costs: You save even more by eliminating the fees to start a new loan or refinance your other unsecured loans.
  • Flexible terms: Choose a flexible repayment term. We will work with you to set a repayment term that will help you eliminate debt quickly and limit the interest you pay.
  • Quick and convenient: With same-day funding, you can complete an application and receive funds on the same day.

Can refinancing a personal loan with Bellco really save money?

Getting a lower interest rate on larger purchases can save you hundreds of dollars over time. Let's take Tony for example. Tony recently had to get a $4000 mechanical repair done for his car. The garage is able to offer him financing for his repair, but at less than ideal terms: 20.99% APR for 12 months.

Tony can refinance his car repair loan with Bellco and save hundreds of dollars by: Which helps him:
Getting a lower interest rate Pay less over time
Changing the term length of his loan Make payments fit better into his budget

If you have high interest loans and are interested in consolidating your debt, having a more reasonable monthly payment, and saving money over time, a Bellco Signature Loan may be just what you need. Start your application, stop in to a branch, or give us a call to start today!

Advertised Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is for well-qualified borrowers and subject to change without notice. All loans subject to approval. Membership eligibility required.