Online Bill Pay

Take the hassle out of your monthly bills

Bellco's Bill Pay is available for all checking accounts.

Here are some of the great features of Bellco Bill Pay:

  • Eliminate paper bills with E-bills – Use E-bills to eliminate paper bills from your mailbox. E-bills allow you to have your monthly bill from a variety of different payees electronically sent to your Bellco Bill Pay account. You can review and manually pay your E-bills with Bellco Bill Pay or you can set up rules to allow Bellco to automatically send your payment for you each month.
  • Adding new payees is easy – Address information is already loaded on the site for hundreds of the most common payees. All you need to do is enter the payee's name and then select the address from the existing list that matches the return address on your bill. Then enter your account number at the payee and you're done.
  • Receive email alerts to stay up-to-date – You will receive email alerts to confirm the activity in your account so you're always up-to-date about what is happening with your bills. Email alerts let you know when a bill is paid, a new payee is added or other changes occur in your account.

If you've not signed up for Bellco Bill Pay:

  1. Log into Online Banking from the Bellco homepage.
  2. Click on Bill Pay in the top navigation or click on the Bill Pay button on the checking page to get started.

View compatible Bill Pay browsers here.

*There is no fee for Bill Pay as long as each enrolled Bill Pay user completes at least one Bill Pay transaction during each month, otherwise a $6.00 monthly inactivity fee will be assessed.