Select Employee Group

Why Your Company Should be a Bellco Select Employee Group (SEG)?

It’s simple. Offering Bellco membership as a SEG adds a valuable piece to your employee benefits package with NO COST. As a Bellco SEG, you can offer your employees Bellco brochures, seminars, and other educational material absolutely free.

According to a Virginia Tech University study (Personal Finances and Worker Productivity), financially educated employees are happier, under less stress, and more reliable. Bellco can be a tool to retain your best employees and a differentiator in recruiting new ones.

When you affiliate with Bellco, you’ll receive a customized package of materials to raise credit union awareness and get your employees excited about making the most of Bellco membership.

The Benefits of Bellco Membership
What's in it for your company? What's in it for your employees?
Free benefit to employees State leading loan rates
Free printed materials for Bellco products and services Small Business Accounts and Loans
Adds value to your benefits package Fees are lower or don't exist at all
Enhances corporate image 24/7 account access with Online Banking
Employee retention and recruiting tool Multiple checking account options, including Free Checking
Free educational seminars for employees Free ATM access at hundreds of locations across Colorado

Already a Bellco Select Employee Group?

Thanks for trusting Bellco Credit Union as your financial partner for your employees. If you need to:

  • Order more materials (newsletters, brochures, applications, etc.)
  • Request a site visit
  • Request a “Lunch and Learn” seminar for your employees
  • Get Bellco content for your company website or newsletters
  • Ask a question

Ready to take the next step?
Please contact a Business Development Representative by phone or email and they'll get all the information to start the quick and easy affiliation process, as well as answer any questions you might have.