November 2023 News

Boost Your Earnings By Referring it Forward

Since 1936, Bellco has grown to become Denver’s largest credit union—thanks in large part to word-of-mouth referrals from members like you. When members refer others to Bellco, it provides us with the ability to offer better rates, more competitive services, and incredible products like our free Boost Interest Checking account.

If you love banking at Bellco, you can turn that love into $100 gift cards when you take advantage of our Refer It Forward program. Every time you refer someone to Bellco and they meet the requirements of the program*, you’ll both receive a redemption code that allows each of you to select a gift card of your choice valued at $100.

How Refer It Forward works

To be eligible to receive a redemption code for a $100 gift card, the Referred Person must:

  1. Open a new Bellco checking account (Free, Student, Platinum, or Boost) within 90 days of receiving the initial email notification from the Program.
  2. Deposit $250 into the new checking account at the time of account opening.
  3.  Attach a Visa debit card to their new checking account.
  4.  The Referred Person cannot already be a tax owner, non-tax owner, or signor on any Bellco checking account.

Gift card options include Amazon®, Starbuck’s®, Target®, Walmart®, and more.

More great news is that the person you refer can receive a second $100 gift card of their choice (from the choices available) by simply setting up a direct deposit into their new Bellco Checking account.**

Boost Your Referrals

When you or the person you refer open a checking account, consider Boost Interest Checking, which currently lets you earn 4.50% APY on balances of up to $25,000 for doing things you normally do, like using your debit card and having a direct deposit. And wth no minimum balance requirements or monthly fees, you could have anywhere from $1 to $25,000 in your Boost account to earn 4.50% APY.

To start referring friends and family or to learn more, visit or stop by any Bellco branch.

To learn more about Boost, including terms and conditions, visit or speak to a Bellco employee for further information about applicable fees and terms.

The trademarks used in this article are owned by the companies they reference.  These companies do not endorse, are affiliated with or sponsor the Refer It Forward program.

*Referred friends cannot already be an owner or signor on a Bellco checking account to qualify for the gift card.

**A qualifying direct deposit is defined as a recurring direct deposit of a paycheck, pension, Social Security, or other regular monthly income electronically deposited by an employer or an outside agency into the new Bellco account.

Free Things to Do During Thanksgiving Week

Catching up with out-of-town guests can be a delight, but if they’re staying for all of Thanksgiving week (and especially if they have kids), you might want to have some activities in the hopper. Luckily, Colorado doesn’t disappoint, with a variety of family-friendly (and free!) options you can tap in to. Even if you don’t have guests, you might want to check some of them out!

The great outdoors

We all know how beautiful our state is, and the best part is that, even in late November, the weather is frequently nice enough to enjoy time outside. While there are certainly numerous nearby trails to suit all abilities, a great option is Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, where you can enjoy the visitor center (featuring Red Rocks-focused exhibits as well as periodic art exhibits), a variety of trails, geologic wonder, and phenomenal views.

Free tastings

Local businesses are proud of their wares—and they should be! They offer some delightful, creative, and tasty foods and drinks, all Colorado-made. And many of those establishments offer free samples. If you enjoy artisanal olive oils and vinegars, stop by an EVOO Marketplace shop, where you’ll be able to try over 50 varieties, including chipotle-flavored olive oil or fig-infused balsamic vinegar. Or, if you’re in the Durango area, stop by the Honeyville factory store, where you can sample anything from honey to jams to mead. Plus, you can watch the honeybees at work and see products being bottled. For something more dessert-y, check out one of the Sweet Action Ice Cream Shop locations, where, if you’d like, you can sample to your heart’s content (you might want to show your appreciation to the server in the form of a good tip).

Educational wonders

If your group is more into learning as you explore, you might enjoy the Colorado School of Mines Museum of earth science. Here you can see one of the two moon rocks brought back from the Apollo 17 mission, walk through an indoor cave to see minerals that glow, and participate in a family-friendly scavenger hunt. Or head to the Loveland Museum to learn about the local and regional history of the Loveland area, including what life was like for the early settlers. (Note: General admission is free; admission to the main art gallery is $7 per person.)

No matter your style or tastes, you shouldn’t have any problem finding unique-to-Colorado adventures to share with your Thanksgiving-week guests. Get out there and enjoy!

How Artificial Intelligence Is Used for Fraud

It seems like, everywhere we turn, we hear something about AI (artificial intelligence). From excitement about the possibilities ChatGPT offers to news about how it can make workflows more efficient, AI has been crowned “buzzworthy.” And with good reason. Many companies use AI to improve customer experiences, from leaning on chatbots to help people resolve minor issues to using AI to reduce human error. And healthcare systems can use AI algorithms to quickly analyze data to provide faster and more precise diagnoses, which can improve medical outcomes.

However, for all the good it can do, AI can also be used with ill intent. Because it can synthesize all types of data quickly and efficiently, criminals can use it to better steal from people. Generative AI can follow simple prompts to create real-seeming images, video, audio, and data. Scammers can then further use AI to very quickly add in legitimate data to create a fake persona that seems to the casual eye to be real. And with that fake identity, they can mimic someone else’s activity to trick other people into giving up their personal information.

AI can also automate phishing scams, making them spread faster through the internet. It can clone voices to redirect bank funds or to let scammers pose as loved ones in crisis. It can forge credible-seeming passports and IDs, letting fraudsters circumvent security procedures. And it can create “deepfake” videos that can then go viral, spreading disinformation, propping up scams, or interfering with things like political campaigns. All of this is synthetic fraud.

And one of the best ways to combat AI-based fraud is to be aware of and educated about the potential dangers.

  • Unless you’ve completely verified the source you’re dealing with, don’t share your personal information.
  • Double-check the URL of a landing page to be sure it’s legit, particularly if you’re on a banking site.
  • Double-check an email before clicking anything on it—look for misspelled words, strange grammatical errors, and anything odd about the sent-from address (oftentimes, scammers use names that look like a national business but are a little off).
  • Keep your phone and computer security settings high, and use updated antivirus software to protect each device from malware.
  • Use strong passwords that are unique to each service, and update them regularly.

If you think you’ve been a victim of synthetic fraud, report it to the FTC as soon as possible. Also be sure to contact to set up a plan toward recovery. Meanwhile, contact the credit union, credit cards, and other institutions you think might be impacted. You should also change your passwords and consider placing a freeze on your credit report.

The bottom line is that AI is now part of our lives. To help ensure it does more good than harm, we all need to be on our toes and always be aware of potential scams. 

Medicare Open Enrollment Period is Here

By MedicareCU

Medicare options change every year, and it can be confusing! MedicareCU is here to help. Bellco Credit Union and MedicareCU want to ensure you know your Medicare options and how to maximize the Medicare benefits that you have earned.

Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period is already here and will end on December 7, 2023. MedicareCU’s insurance agents, who help with Medicare plans, can assist you in choosing wisely during this Open Enrollment Period. There are many Medicare options available, and the right choice could SAVE you hundreds of dollars each year.

Enrolling in Medicare is a big change in your life and you may feel overwhelmed with information and choices. MedicareCU can help you navigate your plan options and get you the right plan! When you meet with a MedicareCU representative, you’ll:

  • Receive a no-cost healthcare review
  • Ensure your prescriptions are covered
  • Verify your doctors are in-network

You can contact MedicareCU for more information and to schedule a no-cost consultation at or by calling or texting 720-605-3134. You can also schedule an appointment or shop plans on your own by selecting one of the buttons below.