Business Online Banking

Business Online Banking is your 24/7 virtual business partner. Use it to get quick and easy access to your business information – so you can reconcile your business checking account, pay your bills and more!

Bellco offers two types of Online Banking services. Business Online Banking and Business Online Plus.

Online Banking Account Services


Bellco's Business Online will allow you, the "super administrator", to create additional users with access levels and permissions assigned by you. For example, you may want to give your accountant access to download your business account history; however, you may also want to limit your accountant from having the ability to transfer funds and view personal account information.

The Administration menu provides access to high-level system functions.
The options available on the Administration menu include:

  • User Administration – Create a "permissions profile" for each user along with a unique ID and secure password. Also, you will have access to set permissions for access to accounts and specific services for each user.

  • Activity Reporting – Define reporting criteria and select information from available transaction logs for reporting purposes or download the information for use in another application.

  • Balance Alerts – Specify alert conditions with unique criteria for individual accounts and the system will send an email message to you when an account reaches those criteria.

  • Account Maintenance – Assign a more descriptive name to any of the available accounts.

  • Change Password – Change company and user passwords at any time. (Only authorized administrators may change the company password.)

  • Change User Preferences – Each user can customize some system settings to their personal login.

  • Change Timeout – Set the time limit after which a "timeout" occurs and you must log in again to continue working.

  • Change PIN – Change the PIN setting in the Business Online Banking system.

  • Messages – You have easy access to our secure email system to correspond with Bellco Business Specialists regarding requests and questions about your account transactions.

  • Business Information – Business Online lets you keep all of your information up to date, i.e. email address, address, phone number.

  • Account Nicknames – Sometimes it's easier to name your accounts rather than remember an account number. This feature allows you to name the accounts to your specifics: Payroll, Visa, Accounts Payable, etc.

  • Security Settings – You can reset your own security questions and reset passwords without having to spend time calling Bellco.

  • Login History – You can track which of your employees have logged into Business Online and what transactions have transpired.

  • Stop Payments – Enter a Stop Payment on a single check or a range of checks. You can also view stop payment transaction status.

Account Reporting

By utilizing the Add new alerts or reminders option, you are able to choose what type of alert you would like to add.

You can choose from the following types of alerts:

  • Savings/Checking Account Alert – Allows you to set a reminder in case your checking or savings balance hits a specific threshold.

  • Loan Account Alert – Allows you to set a reminder if one of your loans hits a specific minimum or maximum balance or payoff, if a payment amount is over or under a specific amount, if the interest rate is increasing or decreasing by a defined percentage, whether a payment is overdue, and a reminder for when a payment is due.

  • Transaction Alert – Lets you know if a transaction of a specified amount has happened or if the transaction contains a specific description.

  • Check Cleared Alert – Alerts you if a check number that you specify has cleared at all or within a defined period of time.

  • Check Cleared by Range Alert – Allows you to be notified if a range of checks clears at all or within a defined period of time.

  • Reminder – You can set up a reminder to let you know about an upcoming bill or loan payment due. You can also use this reminder to remember important events and dates.

Bill Pay

Bellco Business Bill Pay is a secure way to pay your bills automatically, even when you're out of town on business. Business Bill Pay provides the following features:

  • Bill Presentment – With bill presentment, you can arrange to have your monthly bills sent electronically to you through Business Online. You can also choose to have recurring monthly bills paid automatically from your account based on criteria you set for each payee.
  • Permission-Based Access – This feature allows you to create Business Bill Pay access levels for designated employees so you can delegate bill payment duties to your staff.
  • Detailed Business Bill Pay Reporting – The new platform has more reporting than ever before so you can dig in and track where your money is going.

Check Imaging

View your paid business checks online, anytime, at no cost. Business Check Imaging is the fast and secure way for you to view and print images of cleared checks from your office or home. Business Check Imaging is convenient as it allows you to print a copy of any cleared check within nine months.


From Business Online, you can download your business account information free of charge directly into the following formats:

  • Quicken©
  • QuickBooks®
  • HTML
  • .CSV file
  • BAI file

QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries.


Obtain your monthly business statements at no additional cost when you login to Business Online Banking. Business eStatements offer the look and feel of paper statements – in PDF format for universal viewing and printing.

Funds Transfer

Reduce the time and cost of moving your money between accounts. Online transfers provide convenient 24/7 management of your cash balances.

  • Transfer – The transfer tab will allow you to transfer funds between Bellco Business Accounts easily and conveniently.

  • Scheduled Transfers – Allows you to set scheduled transfers from your Bellco Business Accounts on a regular basis. These transfers can be scheduled for regular weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually transfers. Once they are set up, you can be notified via email or text message when the transfer occurs.

  • Loan Payments – When entering your loan payment, you have the option of selecting the type of loan payment as well as future-dating the payment or setting up recurring payments.

  • Account Sweeps – You can select when you want your funds to sweep, the target amount and into which account to sweep.

  • Wire Transfers – Send funds to accounts at different financial institutions.*

  • ACH* (Automated Clearing House) – Use the ACH feature to improve cash flow by initiation of Direct Payments from customer accounts or make electronic Direct Deposit payments for payroll or accounts payable through ACH.

Online Services

The Online Services menu provides you with options for the following services:

  • Photocopy Requests
  • Account Research
  • Cash orders