Free Business Bill Pay

Too much to do? Let us help with Business Online Bill Pay.

Business Online Bill Pay is a secure and easy way to pay almost any individual or company without having to write and mail paper checks. You can avoid late fees and mail delays by simply scheduling your recurring payments and we'll withdraw the funds from your checking account on the date you designate.

Other convenient features of Business Bill Pay include:

Single Sign-on. Once you sign on to Business Online, just click the Business Bill Pay link to get started.

Bill Presentment. With bill presentment, you can arrange to have your monthly bills sent electronically to you through Business Online. You can also choose to have recurring monthly bills paid automatically, based on criteria you set for each payee. 

Permission-based Access. This feature allows you to create Business Bill Pay access levels for designated employees so you can delegate bill payment duties to your staff.

Detailed Business Bill Pay Reporting. The new platform has more reporting than ever before so you can dig in and track where your money is going.

To apply for Business Bill Pay, just log into Business Online Banking and click the Bill Pay link.