FUNancial $marts

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Financial Knowledge is Elementary

Bellco teamed up with the nonprofit organization, Economic Literacy Colorado, to create FUNancial $marts, a financial activity book for elementary students.

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The activity book includes collaborative lessons of counting money, budgeting, and creating a business. With the help of a teacher, parent, or family member, FUNancial $marts can equip young people with knowledge to make informed decisions and prepare them to handle financial and economic challenges in their future.

Where to get FUNancial $marts

The activity book is being distributed through Bellco branches and community partners. You can also view and download a printable PDF version of the book to share with your child by clicking on the link below.

View the Book

To request printed copies of FUNancial $marts, you can send an email to

Helping Support Our Schools

To further support teachers and families who are seeking financial literacy tools, Economic Literacy Colorado has compiled a wide variety of resources on their website. Educators who are teaching remotely will find resources that include webinars, lessons, articles, and recommendations for online engagement systems and presentation tools. 

For kindergarten to 12th grade students and their parents, Economic Literacy Colorado offers age-appropriate financial literacy program resources to support at-home learning about personal financial responsibility. 

About Economic Literacy Colorado

Economic Literacy Colorado is the only Colorado nonprofit dedicated to economic and personal financial professional development for kindergarten-12th grade teachers. Its goal is for every Colorado student to be financially and economically capable of making informed decisions to set them up for success. Because Colorado students are not required to learn these fundamental life-skills, Economic Literacy Colorado works diligently to educate, engage and incentivize educators to make financial education a priority in their school or district, leveling the playing field for all Colorado students.
For more information about Economic Literacy Colorado, please visit