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Wills and Trusts 101

Location: PACE (Parker Arts Culture & Events)
2000 Pikes Peak Avenue, Parker, CO 80138

Date: Saturday, October 24

Time: 10:00 am

Register: Call 720-259-4944 or register online

Since 1974, The Hughes Law Firm has taught thousands of people how to save tons of money, time, and aggravation by avoiding probate and keeping the family inheritance in the family bloodline

You’ll learn this and much more:

  • How trusts avoid probate and why wills don’t
  • How your durable healthcare power of attorney, living will and HIPAA release work together for you
  • What “blended families” (her kids/his kids/their kids) must do now to avoid disinheriting each other and/or their separate children

You won’t want to miss this very special event!