See how well you do with our financial trivia questions below. You may learn something new, or be inspired to consider a new budgeting or savings plan to help you achieve your personal financial goals.

Let's test your financial trivia!


Get answers to the most common questions about personal finances.


Which of the following can help improve your credit score?


a. Having no credit cards


b. Paying your bills on time


c. Keeping a large balance on your credit card


d. Using as much of your credit limit as possible

What is one main difference between credit unions and banks?


a. Credit unions only accept members with great credit


b. You have to be a part of a workers union to join a CU


c. Unlike banks, credit unions are not-for-profit


d. Banks and credit unions are essentially the same

How much should you have in an emergency savings account?


a. $500–$1000


b. 3 months of living expenses


c. 6 months of living expenses


d. An emergency savings account? Isn’t that what credit cards are for?

As a general rule, how long does a negative financial event, such as a delinquent payment, stay on your credit report?


a. 2 years


b. 4 years


c. 7 years


d. forever

What may be considered a downside to leasing a car?


a. You can modify your car as you wish


b. You’ll pay more in the long run for a leased car than you will if you by a car and keep it for years


c. Lower monthly payments


d. You are responsible for repair costs once the warranty expires

Do credit unions offer leases?


a. Yes


b. No