Online Banking Tips

Apply for a Bellco Loan

To apply for a loan, click here or on the Apply for a Bellco Loan button in the top navigation. You can apply for the following loans online:

  • Auto Loan (New and Used)
  • Home Equity ChoiceLine
  • Consumer Line of Credit
  • Motorcycle (Street Legal)
  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Share Secured
  • Signature
  • Visa® Credit Card

Open Checking and Deposit Accounts

To open a checking or deposit product (Savings, CD, or Money Market account), sign in to Online Banking, click on More in the left navigation and then click on Open Account. Depending on the minimum opening amount, accounts available to open will appear in the drop-down.

Pay Bills Online

After logging into Online Banking, click on Bill Pay in the left navigation. If you are a new user, you must first agree to the Terms and Services. A new window will pop-up where you can add new payees and scheduled payments.

Entering a payee

Enter the new payee’s name in the Pay Someone New box and Bellco Bill Pay will suggest payees for which address information has already been loaded. If your payee is not already part of the system, click the Add button and a screen will pop where you can enter your payee information. Click the Continue button and you can make a one-time payment or schedule a recurring payment.

Paying a bill

Once you've entered the info for a payee, paying a bill is simple. You can schedule are recurring payment (a bill that has the same amount each time - like a monthly gym membership) or you can make a one-time payment.

To schedule a recurring bill payment:

  • Click on Bill Pay after logging in to Online Banking
  • On the Make Payments page, click on the payee name.
  • Select the Pay automatically at regular intervals radio button.
  • Enter an amount, frequency, start on date and end on date.
  • Select the Save changes button

To make a one-time payment, enter the amount you would like to pay in the box next to your payee. Then select the date to send the payment and you'll see when the payment will be delivered. Electronic payments take two business days and paper checks take four business days to arrive.

How do I reorder checks?

To reorder checks online, after logging in to Online Banking, click on the More button in the left navigation and then on Check Services. From the next screen, slect the Reorder Checks tab. You will then be prompted to select the desired checking account and then be taken to our check-ordering site. If you want to reorder the exact same checks you currently have, click on the Order button. If you would like to change the design of your checks, click the Pick New Designs button. Don’t forget, you can always check your order history and status by clicking the Get Order Status button.

How do I make a Bellco credit card payment?

After logging into Online Banking, click on Accounts in the left navigation, and scroll to your Bellco credit card account. After selecting your account, click on Pay Bill and you'll be taken to the EZCard Info site. On this site, you can view you account balance, search for transactions, and even pay your credit card online!

Download accounts into Quicken®

After logging into Online Banking, click on the account tab you want to download. In the How do you want to view your transactions? section, click on the Download link. Choose the account you want to download in the From This Account drop down. Finally, choose the start and end dates . When you click on Download Now, your financial software will automatically appear and your transactions will be downloaded.

Search Accounts

Did you know you can perform advanced searches on your account information? Let's say you can't remember how much you spent at the grocery store and you're not exactly certain what day you purchased groceries. We can help!

After logging into Online Banking, click on the checking tab. In the How do you want to view your transactions? section, click on the orange Advanced Search radio button. You can search by Description, Amount, and even dates. So the next time you need help, type "King Soopers" in the Description section and enter a date range. It's that easy!

Don't forget that you can also search for checks that have cleared too!

Rename Accounts

Do you ever have trouble remembering all of your account numbers? Did you know you can rename your account to something that’s easy for you to remember?

You can change the names on your accounts to College Fund, California Vacation, or Mike’s Honda. Whatever you’d like.

To rename your accounts, click on Preferences in the left navigation. Then click on Rename Accounts. Type in the new account name and click submit at the bottom of the page. It’s that easy!

Transfer Funds

To transfer funds between Bellco accounts, click on Transfers in the left navigation. Then click on Bellco Accounts. Simply select the TO and FROM accounts in the drop down menu and the amount. You can also choose to add a description. You can also set up a recurring transfer to and from your Bellco deposit accounts.

View Account History

When you first log into Online Banking, you will see all your accounts categorized by type. Next to the account number, you will see balance information as well as payment information (for loans). However, to see even more detailed information on an account, click on the account name or on the specific tab up top.

On the drill down of each account, you can see even more detailed information such as Interest Rates, Next Payment Amount (for loans) and Maturity Date (for CDs and Loans) in the Account Recap Section.

How to print your Online Banking Statement

With Online Statements, Bellco has expanded the number of ways you can access your Bellco accounts and better manage your finances. You can access your end of month account statement via the Internet -- and it's free!

To access your Online Statements, log into Online Banking and click on Accounts in the left navigation. Then click on Statements/Tax Forms/Notices and the View Statements/Tax Forms/Notices link.

Next, select the account number in the Select Account drop down. Then select Statements in the Select Document Type" dropdown. Finally, select the year.

Change Timeout

To change your timeout, log into Online Banking and on the left navigation, click Preferences. Then click Change Timeout.

Viewing your checks online

First, click on your checking account. In the Transaction Detail section, you can see the checks that have cleared. When you click View Check you see an exact replica of the check scanned (front and back).

Another option...

In the left navigation, if you click Accounts and then View Checks, you can type in a check number and it will find it. If your check hasn't cleared, you'll receive a message that says, "Cannot find image."