Text Banking

Viewing Account Balances

To receive your account balances via text message, simply text the command BAL to BELLCO (235526).

Text Tips: To view a specific account balance, text the Command and your account’s nickname (BAL nickname). For example, if you text BAL CHK, only the balance for your first checking account will be returned.

To create or change an account nickname, sign into your online banking account, select Mobile Banking in the left navigation to access our Mobile Banking Preference Center. From there, select the Accounts tab to update your account nickname.

Searching Transaction History

To view recent transactions, text the command HIST CHK to BELLCO (235526).

Tip: For more transactions from the same account, reply to the text using the command NEXT.

Transferring Funds

You can also transfer funds between your Bellco accounts via text. Simply text the command TRA (account nickname) (account nickname) and (amount) to BELLCO (235526). Example: TRA CHK SAV 100 will transfer $100 from your checking to your savings account.

When the transfer is complete you will receive a text confirmation.

Paying Bills

Paying your bills via text has never been easier.

Text the command PAY (account nickname) (payee nickname) (amount) to BELLCO (235526). Example: PAY CHK CABLE 150 to have $150 paid from your checking account to your cable provider.

Tip: Can’t remember your payee nicknames? Simply text PAYEES to BELLCO (235526) and you’ll receive a list of your payee nicknames.

Finding ATMs & Branches

To find the nearest ATM, text ATM (zip code) to BELLCO (235526). Example: ATM 80111 will provide you with a text containing ATMs in that zip code.

To find Bellco branches and shared branches, Text BRA (zip code) to BELLCO (235526).