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Mobile Alerts

You can receive Mobile Banking alerts via text message, email and through push notifications on your iPhone.

Mobile Banking alerts and Online Banking alerts function independently of each other, so please make sure to update your preferences or you may receive the same message from both the online system and mobile.

Select your alerts

Sign up for our free* Mobile Banking services to activate your device and set your alert preferences.

Alert Purpose
Low Balance Receive an alert any time your available balance drops below a predetermined amount you have selected.
Deposit Confirmation Receive an alert any time a deposit is made to your account. From automatic Social Security deposits, payroll, checks deposited at the ATM, you will know when your account balance includes the new funds.
Withdrawal Threshold Exceeded Receive an alert any time that a withdrawal amount exceeds the threshold that you set.
Check Cleared Receive an alert any time a check clears your account.
Withdrawal Confirmation Receive an alert any time a withdrawal is made from the accounts you selected for mobile banking.
Overdraft Posted Receive an alert any time an overdraft is posted to a Bellco checking account.
Statement Available Receive an alert whenever a statement is available from the accounts you’ve selected for mobile banking.

*Your mobile carrier's data and text charges may apply.