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EMV Debit: Activating Your EMV Chip Debit Card

You should have recently received a replacement Visa debit card, which now comes with EMV chip technology. Please take a moment to activate your new card before your existing card is deactivated.

Haven't received your new EMV debit card yet?

To protect you from any potential fraud, when you order your new EMV chip debit card, you will be provided with a new card number. Please take a moment to verify your mailing address by logging into Online Banking, calling Member Services, or by visiting a Bellco branch to ensure you receive your new card. 

Need to place an order to receive your new EMV debit card? 

  • For an immediate debit card replacement, visit any Bellco branch
  • To order a new EMV chip debit card through Online Banking, log in to your online account and select Other Services, Order a Debit Card, then choose the desired checking account, and select New Card  in the drop-down menu. By selecting New Card, your existing debit card will continue to work while you wait for your new card to be mailed to you. Please verify your mailing address through Online Banking.

Please make sure to update any recurring merchant payments that you have previously set up when your new card arrives. You should receive your new card within 7-10 business days.

View our Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my old debit card working?
Bellco has started deactivating the old non-EMV debit cards. To avoid any card issues, please activate and begin using your new EMV chip card once received.

I haven’t received my new EMV debit card in the mail. How do I get one?
If you haven’t received your new EMV debit card, please visit a Bellco branch or go online to and request a new card be sent to you.

Will I receive a new PIN for my new EMV debit card?
Your PIN will be the same for your new EMV debit card unless you never received the card or you ordered the card online.

When will branches begin to issue  EMV debit cards to new members?
All Bellco branches are now issuing EMV debit cards.

Is my debit card number going to change?
If you haven’t received your EMV debit card by now, we will have to issue you a new card number to help protect you and your assets. Please be advised that you will need to update your card information for recurring merchant payments.