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Data Breach

 Bellco is committed to Security. Find out how we help you after a retailer’s data breach. Get tips to protect your accounts and identity.

Latest updates from Bellco concerning data breaches

Bellco is aware of recent reports of data breaches involving The Home Depot®. Stay up to date with the latest news by visiting their Home Depot Customer Update Page. Please be assured that there is no need to take any action regarding your Bellco credit or debit card – you may continue to use your cards. However, if your card is identified as part of a breach, we will contact you by mail regarding the replacement of your card.

How Bellco protects your accounts.

What happens in the event of a data breach?

No two breaches are alike so responses can vary from each event. Bellco works with VISA® and fraud investigators to determine if any of the affected cards belong to Bellco members. If so, we begin a process of replacing the card, and then send a notification letter to the member letting them know when their new card should arrive.

Bellco offers identity theft protection

Bellco Credit Union has partnered with Identity Fraud, Inc to help you fight identity theft. Bellco members receive Identity Fraud, Inc. solutions at a discount. Click here for more information and to learn about program benefits, including $1 million identity insurance, triple bureau credit monitoring, IF Cyber monitoring, public records monitoring, family protection, and more.

What you can do to protect your accounts?

Use safe computing practices

Be proactive in regards to your information. Always safeguard your information online. As a guideline use the following checklist by Experian to make sure you are using safe computing practices. Get tips on what you can do to prevent identity fraud. Be sure to check out VISA'S Security Sense page for more tips.

Monitor your activity

Bellco recommends you sign into Online Banking at daily for the next month to monitor your debit/credit transactions for any suspicious or unusual activity. You may not be affected by a breach, but we recommend taking this extra step to ensure your security. If you feel more comfortable monitoring your account over the phone or in person at any Bellco branch location, we are more than happy to assist you.

Monitor your credit 

Sign up for credit monitoring websites that will track your credit report. These will show you fraudulent activity and any other types of activity that could affect your credit score. It is recommended you review your credit report yearly.

If you think you've been a victim.

If I believe there’s been fraudulent activity on my card, what do I do?

If you suspect fraud on your account, notify us immediately. If it turns out there’s suspicious activity on your card, we will immediately close the card and forward your call to our Risk Department (303-689-7548) to remedy the issue. You should also follow these recommendations if you have received notification of being involved in a data breach. 

I’d like to play it safe. Will you close my cards that have been affected?

Once we have been notified by VISA that your card has been compromised Bellco will reissue a new credit card / debit card and PIN. A letter will be sent to you notifying you and providing a timeline of when you should receive your new card.