December 2019 Newsletter

Holiday Fun on a Budget

With Thanksgiving over and the end of the year fast approaching, many Coloradans are shifting their focus to getting in the holiday spirit. If you’re wanting to partake in some local winter festivities, we’ve compiled a list of budget-friendly events you might enjoy! 

FREE family-friendly events
Thornton WinterFest, December 13–15. Sponsored by Bellco, this event is an annual favorite for many because it offers something for everyone. From sittings with Santa to ice sculpture demos to live music, entertainment options abound. Plus, you can enjoy opportunities to shop in the Village Holiday Bazaar or relax with a cold one in the adults-only beer tent. 
Mile High Tree, Evenings in December and January. For a unique holiday experience, bring the family to Sculpture Park at Denver Performing Arts Complex. You can enjoy the 110-foot-tall holiday tree, complete with lights and music shows. 
South Pearl Street WinterFest, December 6–7. Get ready for some old-world charm. This event includes Box Elder Horse and Wagon rides, photo opportunities with an Olde World Santa, rustic greenery, caroling, and more. Plus, you can browse the holiday open air market for unique gifts. 
Grand Junction’s 36th Annual Parade of Lights, December 7. A family favorite for over three decades, the parade wows viewers with over 100 lighted entries. This year’s theme is “A Comic Book Christmas.” 
All Sorts of Holiday Fun in Colorado Springs, Throughout December. From skating to shopping to searching for Elf on the Shelf, downtown Colorado Springs offers excitement for people of all ages. 

Unique shopping venues
Denver Bazaar, December 11–15 (Larimer Square) and December 8, 15, and 22 (ENDO Event Center). To find local artisanal goods and fashions, check out these makers’ markets. 
Denver Jackalope: An Indie Artisan Fair, December 14–15. Browse a variety of indie goods, from fashion and jewelry to home décor and housewares. Plus, while you’re there, you can check out informative workshops on embroidery, wreath-making, and more. 
Firefly Handmade Market in Boulder, December 14–15. Another opportunity to explore indie artisan goods. Plus, you can take in live music, enjoy an interactive art experience, or learn about some DIY projects. 

Fun events that won't break the bank
Camp Christmas in Denver, Throughout December. Holiday traditions past and present merge in this immersive installation. A little quirky. A little bold. A lot of fun for the whole family. (Tickets $8–$21)
A Hudson Christmas, Throughout December. Stroll the garden of lights with your loved ones, and watch as a new family tradition begins. (Tickets $8–$10.50)

Brunch With Father Christmas at Four Mile Historic Park, December 14. Enjoy a holiday brunch buffet, take a ride on the holiday wagon, and participate in holiday craft activities during this Christmas-themed affair. (Tickets $15–$25)
Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum, December 7–22. Discover, celebrate, and honor holiday traditions from around the world in this blend of dance, live music, spoken word, and global customs.  (Tickets $30–$40)

With snow and colder weather fully upon us, your car should already be prepared for winter driving. However, if you haven’t gotten around to doing so, here are a few essential tips to get your car (and car loan) ready for a long cold winter.

Check Oil and Antifreeze
Oil thickens as it gets colder, which makes it more difficult for it to keep the engine lubricated. Choosing an oil with the right viscosity for colder temperatures will assure the oil lubricates and protects the engine as it should. Checking antifreeze levels is critical this time of year to prevent serious engine trouble in cold weather. Check your car’s owner’s manual for the appropriate oil to use for colder climates, how much antifreeze is needed, and where to add more if needed.

Windshield and Wipers
New wiper blades are recommended to handle the various elements and to properly clear the windshield. Additionally, fill the wiper fluid reservoir with winter-grade fluid. This type of fluid is formulated to prevent freezing, and some types can help loosen ice and snow on the windshield. While you’re at it, look for cracks and divots in the windshield. Left unchecked, they can spread as water melts and freezes on the windshield.

Test the Battery
Who wants to jump start a car in cold weather? Cold temperatures can decrease a car’s battery capacity significantly. This is an ideal time of year to make sure the battery’s terminals and connections are free of corrosion. If your battery is more than three years old, have a certified repair shop test its ability to hold a charge. While these precautions help prevent the need for a jump-start, it is still wise to keep jumper cables in the car. Just in case.

Check Tire Pressure 
Tire pressure decreases as temperatures drop—as much as one pound per square inch for every 10-degree drop in air temperature. Tires must be properly inflated for the best possible traction, which is reduced in wet, snowy, and icy conditions. Check your owner’s manual for the correct tire pressure for colder temperatures.

Review Your Auto Loan!
Did you know you may be able to lower your monthly car payments and skip payments for up to 90 days? Now that interest rates have dropped, Bellco has an offer that can free up some extra cash to help with holiday bills.
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Refer Friends & Get a $100 Gift Card

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Energy Outreach Colorado

During December, Bellco will collect donations for Energy Outreach Colorado, the only non-profit organization in Colorado that raises funds to help low-income families afford home energy. With programs like energy bill payment assistance, heating systems repair/replacement, and more, Coloradans can remain warm and safe in their homes.

For ways you can donate to this worthwhile cause, visit

To learn more about Energy Outreach Colorado, visit them online at