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Important Update about your EMV Chip Debit Card

When you use an EMV chip-enabled debit card to make a payment, most merchants that are equipped with EMV chip card readers, give you the option of paying as either “Debit” or “Credit”. If you choose the Debit option, you must also enter your PIN. If you prefer the Credit option, it usually requires a signature unless the amount is below a certain threshold (generally $50).

However, Bellco has learned that members who have made purchases with their debit cards at certain retailers appear to no longer have the option of choosing Credit when making their payment. For example, Kroger stores (including King Soopers and City Market) and even Walmart have made the business decision to require their customers using a debit card to use the Debit option and enter their PIN, making the Credit option unavailable. Please know, this is not a setting that Bellco can control. It is the merchants who make the decision on how to accept debit cards.

Because of this, if you have forgotten your PIN and need assistance remembering it, please contact our Member Services Department at 1-800-Bellco-1, who will be able to assist you by mailing a PIN reminder to your address on file. If you are near a Bellco branch, you also have the option of receiving assistance in person.