Financial Education Videos

No matter what stage of life you're in right now – college bound, newly married, first-time parent, soon-to-be retired – making smart financial decisions is always in style. Since 1936, Bellco has shared the best tips to becoming more financially savvy with the Colorado community.

Watch our latest videos for some smart ways to improve your budgeting and planning.

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Budgeting & Smart Money Management

Take the first steps toward smart money management with these videos. Explore the financial impact of a new baby and learn tips for getting a great deal on your next car.

Welcoming Baby: The Financial Realities

Secrets From The Auto Financing Office

Additional Financial Education Video Categories

Financially Smart Families

Financial tips for new and growing families. Learn to plan and budget for a new baby, give allowances and raise financially smart kids and young adults.

Recovering From Financial Emergencies

These videos can help you survive a financial crisis and get back on track. Find tips on rebuilding retirement savings, what to do when you lose your job and three financial steps for getting off unemployment once you find your next job. Get peace of mind in knowing the steps you need to take when you hit a rough patch in your career.

Become a Car Buying Expert

This video series gives you the tools you need to be prepared when it's time to start looking for your next car. From knowing how much your trade is worth to buying a car for a teenager, you'll be ready to go.