We are passionately committed to improving our customers' quality of life by building their wealth and securing their financial future.

Bellco has partnered with FoolProof to offer individuals of all ages financial tips and guidelines to help strengthen their financial health. The FoolProof program has a wide range of tools you can use with kids -- starting with high school and all the way through college.

The different parts of the FoolProof program include:

FoolProof for Parents -- Parents and kids work together to complete the FoolProof online education program. It is presented in modules that parents and teens can work through at their own pace.

FoolProof Solo -- This site is for young adults who are in college or getting started in their first job. They'll learn the ins and outs of what it takes to build good credit, manage a checking account, pay bills, avoid scams and more.

CUHQ -- The CUHQ website urges teens to learn about money and financial issues from writers who live all over the world.

Are you a high school teacher?

Click here and select FoolProof for High Schools to sign up and review the FoolProof financial education curriculum available for your students.